A first post

Posted on Feb 24th, 2012

After much hesitation, waiting and postponing, I think this is it. Most of the time, my collaborative pianist self is behind another instrumentalist, so somehow this was not an easy decision, but here is finally my own webpage, all about moi. The process  has been quite a long one, but taking the decision to go ahead has been the longest part of it. Mao, who should have done far less than he did and should have kept silent often, was on to something when he said that “the longest of journeys, the longest of journeys,  is the first step”. I don’t know whether he actually did utter the first clause twice for emphasis or whether the person I got this from repeated it for attention, but this is a little gem of truth.

So here I am at last! I fought with my ego, stood in the cold for the photos, damaged my bank account but I am proud of the result. And sufficiently optimistic to have requested a blog page. I hope this website looks like me (yep, black white and orange, you got it) and that those of you who visit it enjoy browsing through these bits of my life. I am mildly disturbed by this thought right now, but I’ll get used to it, I am sure.